About Firefly Mobile

Founded in 2003, Firefly Mobile is a privately held company with worldwide headquarters in Southfield, Michigan. Firefly Mobile is the industry leading designer, developer and seller of mobile phones and accessories specifically targeting kids and tweens. Firefly Mobile was founded with an award winning signature product; The Original Firefly Phone, which allows children to stay connected to those most important, as well as a growing brand that allows for continued innovation and product extensions. By designing the handsets from the ground up, Firefly has always been able to focus on the exact needs of kids, tweens and their parents, making the phones ideal for the market.

Beyond the innovative phones, Firefly also provides simple and cost efficient airtime services, making phone use easy and affordable. With no contracts or commitments, parents stay in control of mobile phone costs.

Firefly phones feature built in parental controls that allow parents to restrict incoming and outgoing calls as well as limit or restrict texting at no additional cost.