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How do I set up my voice mail?


In order to set up your voice mail, you must first activate your phone, then follow these steps:

 - Turn the phone on

 - Wait for it to register with the network

 - Using the navigation keys, scroll to Voice Mail and press the Select button

 - Listen to the prompts and follow the instructions to set up your mail


NOTE: You may want to turn up the volume and use the loud speaker so you can see the screen and listen to the prompts

NOTE: You will be prompted to enter a 4-digit PIN. This is the PIN/Password, you will use going forward, to access your voice mail. You should enter something other than your parental password. Something specific just for accessing the voice mail box. This is especially important if you need to give access to the voice mail box, but don't wish to give access to the other parental control settings in the phone.


What if I made my voice mail box password the same as my parental password? Can I go back and change it?

If this is the case, go to the Parental Controls settings in your phone and change the parental password, so that it does not match the voice mail box. This will eliminate the risk of the user accidentally accessing the parental control settings you have made on the phone.


What if I want to keep my Parental Password the same, but change the voice mail password?

This process is still being determined as we would need to completely reset your voice mail box.  However, until the process is completed, changing your Parental Password would be the most immediate solution. You can always change that back, if and when a voice mail password reset process is in place.

Once set up, your voice mail will be available for use.

Once I set up my voice mail recording, how do I access it and can I change my message after I set it up?

Yes. When you go into voice mail, you will be asked:

 - "Press 1, to review your personal greeting"

 - "Press 2, to access your voice mail box"


Follow the prompts and instructions to change or access your voice mail.


REMEMBER: Airtime charges will apply if you access your voice mail from your glowPhone.

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