Kids Jumping for Joy!

glowPhone is everything active kids and parents need to keep in touch during their increasingly busy days. The glowPhone features a full color screen, built in games, customizable ringtones and wallpapers. The glowPhone can store up to 50 programmed numbers and all calls in and out can be controlled by a parental password.

  • What's included

    - quickstart guide
    - Wall charger.

In order to enjoy the kid-friendly features of a Firefly phone, you can obtain a SIM card from any GSM cellular carrier. There are a variety of network providers, including major carriers, like AT&T and T-Mobile, and smaller providers, using SIM cards for service which you'll be able to use in your unlocked phone. You can also get SIM cards from distributors like WalMart or even your local pharmacy. Just do a Google search for Prepaid SIM cards to help find a local source. SIM cards are NOT used by Verizon and Sprint.